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In January 2018, The Society of Master Saddlers introduced further changes to their ‘Qualified Saddle Fitters’ accreditation to maintain the highest standards within our equine industry because we are constantly moving forward in knowledge, technique and skill.

Other industries, doctors, dentists and teachers have for many years used a Continuing Professional Development scheme (CPD), as they are regulated by law. Likewise, a saddle fitter’s knowledge should be kept up to date and the standards gained on qualifying should at the very least be maintained.

Therefore, the Society’s Executive Committee have taken the decision to make the gaining of CPD points compulsory for those on the Society’s Saddle Fitters’ Register. These changes have now opened up a new category called MASTER SADDLE FITTER, although this standard is new, all Qualified Saddle Fitters will be expected to have earned the per-requisite CPD points before the end of 2019 to remain within the accreditation.....


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